Denim Vests

Jeans are trousers made from denim. The American blue jean was invented by Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss in 1873. Jeans, originally designed for work, became popular among teenagers starting in the 1950s. Historic brands include Levi's, Lee and Wrangler. Jeans come in various types, for example, skinny jeans, boot cut, or flare.

    It's ok to wear blue denim bottom with blue denim top. But beware of glares and stares from people! The trick here is to keep the rest of your outfit at a minimum with a simple tee and shoes, and try to offset the costume-look with trendy accessories such as a long pendant necklace, scarf, belt or a chic bracelet. It's not for the shy fashionistas but for those who wants to create a strong fashion statement. Dark blue with light blue denim look good together as well!Minikiss icon The best way to wear it is to combine it with clothing that isn't blue denim. It looks super-chic paired with black, white, grey or khaki-colored bottom. It creates a nice balance of both casual and chic. Minikiss icon Experiment with different styles. Feeling frisky? Try different vest lengths, washes (dark blue, medium blue, light blue, acid, stonewashed,) and effects (ripped, distressed) Minikiss icon Don't be afraid to mix and match. Denim vests are a stylish match for print tees, camisoles, cute blouses, floral dresses, maxi dresses and shorts. Minikiss icon When wearing it with a basic tee top it off with interesting accessories like necklaces, scarves, earrings, headband, etc. Add a little bit of personality! Minikiss icon Dress your body shape. That means choose a cut that flatter your body shape. Like for example, a short/cropped vest with rounded neck looks best on those with wider bottoms (pear shape with curves) because it balances out the silhouette. Long tops in general will only draw attention to the hips. However, a regular vest with thicker strap suits those with wider shoulders compared to hips. Minikiss icon A V-neck slims down your figure and upper body. So if your shoulder, bust and torso are your problem-areas consider a v-neck for a slimming and flattering effect.